Our team.

At Dryp A/S, our team is made up of a group of skilled computer scientists, hydrological engineers, and other professionals who are passionate about using technology to improve urban water management. Together, we work tirelessly to develop innovative solutions that empower our clients to monitor, manage, and optimize their water infrastructure for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Meet our talented team and discover the expertise and dedication that drives our success.

  • Akira Lyberth

    Field Technician Assistant

  • Alma Gude

    Water Data Analyst & Customer Success

  • Asta Thorgesen

    Water Data Analyst & Customer Success

  • Benjamin Andersen

    Field Technician

  • Cecilie Christoffersen

    Administration & Finance

  • Christian Østergaard Laursen

    Head of Technology

  • Daniel P. Larsen

    Backend Architect

  • Dina Widd


  • Emilie Jørgensen

    Water Data Analyst & Customer Success

  • Kristian Levisen

    Hydraulic Engineer

  • Kununguak Iversen

    Frontend Developer

  • Lasse Settergren-Rude


  • Lasse Børresen

    Data Scientist

  • Malte Skovby Ahm

    Research Manager

  • Mathias S. Kristensen

    Hydraulic Engineer

  • Peter Rasch


  • Peter Raaby


  • Rasmus Dahl

    Head of Product

  • Steffan B. Jensen

    Instrumentation Specialist

  • Thomas Therkildsen

    Water Data Analyst

  • Timian Puk

    Account specialist