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Get an hydrological overview through the platform.

We revolutionize the way urban water infrastructure is monitored and managed - enabling a proactive and holistic decision-making process for urban water monitoring, operating, and planning.​​ ​

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Digital Water Infrastructure

Our sensor networks are a lightweight digital layer to your water infrastructure.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with weather radar and rain gauges to provide a comprehensive picture of precipitation in your area. Our advanced algorithms analyze this data in real-time to give you up-to-date insights into rainfall patterns, intensity, and duration.
Sewer System
Our innovative technology provides real-time insights into sewage flow, quality, and pressure. This enables you to identify potential issues before they become costly problems, optimize the use of your infrastructure, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
Drinking Water
Our platform and sensors offer real-time insights into water quality, allowing you to detect and respond quickly to any potential issues. With Dryp A/S, you can optimize your drinking water infrastructure, save costs, and ensure safe and reliable access to clean water for your community.
Natural Water Streams
Our solution provides real-time monitoring of water quality, temperature, and flow, enabling you to detect and respond quickly to any changes in water conditions. This helps you to protect and preserve the natural habitat of aquatic life, as well as ensure the safety and reliability of your water resources.

“We believe in the power of technology to protect our precious water resources. Our comprehensive monitoring system is designed to help you monitor the interaction between technical water systems and natural water systems, such as streams and lakes.

With our state-of-the-art sensors and analytics platform, we can provide real-time data on the quality and quantity of water flowing in and out of these systems. Our monitoring system allows for timely intervention before any significant damage occurs, enabling you to make informed decisions about the management and allocation of water resources.

With Dryp A/S, you can be confident that your water systems are being carefully monitored to ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability."

Peter Rasch